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BASKERY Lördag 3 augusti.

Kolla video på Baskery här..

Påminner om BASKERY lördagen 3 aug.

Då får vi besök av systrarna Greta, Stella and Sunniva Bondesson.
Ett musikevenemang man inte ska missa! Gå in på deras hemsida och kolla!

Då vill vi ha fullt hus! 120 kr kostar biljetten.Nu finns pappersbiljetter till Baskery i Skebo handel/Din-X.
Eller kan du köpa här på hemsidan. Välkommen.

OBS vi tar bara emot kontanter på puben (inga kort).
Det funkar att åka buss till och från Skebopuben men du får själv kolla tidtabellen.

"It has never been about which music you play, where you are from or where you've been- it has always been about if you touch people or not.
Baskery is a band built on what three people can do together. The music is not to be confused with country or bluegrass just from looking at the instruments. Baskery is not bound to any genre and aim to keep it that way.
In their late teens the sisters joined forces with their dad, who since decades was a one-man-band playing old blues- and country tunes for a living. They got introduced to the music business in a quite unglamourous way: "We played cover songs for drunk people, but we never played songs we didn't like just to please the crowd". This foundation of classic "roots music and Americana" settled in their hearts, but also awoke the urge of breaking the rules of traditional music. Baskery is all about turning the music on its head, blending the straightforwardness of punk with the subtlety of singer/songwriting."

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